​I strive to make knives with three critical elements - Utility, Beauty and Simplicity.


Hiko Ito Custom Knives

All knives are made in Hawaii.

I design knives to perform exceptionally well for their intended purposes. Designing process begins with conception and drawing, then prototypes are made and tested. These prototypes may be modified and retested, until the perfect combination of material, geometry, and hardness is achieved.

I carefully select the best steel for the intended purpose of my knives. The steels most often used for my knives include, but not limited to: cpm 20cv, cpm 154, aeb-l, Niro-V and z-finit. These steels meet my qualifications of sharpness and edge holding as well as stability and corrosion resistance when heat treated correctly.

My blades are heat treated by one of the best (best in my opinion) heat treater in the U.S. to ensure the highest quality. Each blade is hardened to the specific hardness I assign to bring out the best performance out of a knife. In order to eliminate the possibility of overheating and subsequent loss of steel integrity I grind the blades using advanced water cooling system. I sharpen each blade to have "scary sharp" edge.

Most of my knives have convex or convex-chisel grind. Convex grind is rather difficult to achieve and not often seen in commercially available knives. Convex grind has advantages over other bevel geometry by being a better slicer, having less tendency to bind to the material, having a stronger edge, as well as being relatively easy to sharpen. For kitchen knives, convex grind is advantageous because the food has less tendency to stick to the blade.

Ergonomic handles are contoured for comfort, and to accommodate holding positions specific to each blade. I source most of my wood handle materials locally. Local wood is acquired directly from the mills, kiln dried and stabilized under vacuum to ensure longevity. 

I believe the combination of utilitarian design and simplicity naturally brings out the aesthetic beauty of the knife. Knives made with myriad of non-functional components and showy designs may be catchy but they lack the true beauty of functional tools that appeal to us viscerally.

Hiko Ito Custom Knives